Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Day Teaching of EDU 255 Lab A1

For Lab A1 I was nervous because I did not have anything prepared and was a bit surprised that we were actually teaching on the first day. We were given equipment to teach whatever we thought was appropriate so I decided to teach the proper technique to throw, roll, and punt the soccer ball back into play as the goal keeper. I chose this because I had previously taught a session about these techniques at my prior university and had retained the knowledge of the lesson plan. The only downfall I had with making that choice was that the first time I taught these skills, I was given up to 45 minutes to teach. This time around I was only allowed 4 minutes total. Then on top of that, i came in a minute late so I did not hear the initial instructions of what we were to be doing that day, so I did not even hear that we were only allowed to have 4 minutes to teach our seminar. Critiquing my performance I would say that I definitely need to work on my pauses and saying "um." Also, working on communicating with the students while they are performing the task would be beneficial.

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