Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reflection of St. Mary's Day 2

On this day I was presenting a game to a very young group of kids, the 1st and 2nd graders. I had a solid lessson plan and a pretty fun and adventurous game. The name of the game was called "animals and machines." the concept of the game was to establish a partner where on of them was an "animal" and the other a "machine." After figuring out who was each aspect of the game, they then had to pick an animal and a machine to be. So if the animal decided to be a cow then the sound that child had to make was "Mooo." on the machine side, if the child chose to be a clock, the sound they had to make was "tick-tock."Tthe point of the game was to the animals seperate from their partner and make the sound of the animal that they had chosen. the machines would then be blind-folded and have to try and locate their partner by only listening to the sound of the animal that their partner had chosen.

Once the partner was found they had to "hop" back to me and they would be finished. Then the animals and machines would switch roles and play again. Going into the introduction I had the kids full attention and they seemed really excited to play my game. Unfortunately I struggled with explaining the game because the children just did not understand the cioncept. One child even started crying because he wanted to be a machine instead of an animal. It started going downhill and I finally through a curveball and just said everyone hop around and make the sound of your animal or machine.  What I learned from this occasion was that as a teacher, if the activity is not explained to young children quickly and easily, they will be lost and not understand anything. I'm glad that this happenned to me because even though I was instructed about this possibly happenning, I now know with my own experience.

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