Monday, November 7, 2011

Lab C

For Lab C I was paired with my fellow classmate, Sarah to combine teach a segment. The segment consisted of a foreign sport. Our sport was designated to the East-Asian game of Sepak Takraw. Sepak Takraw in simply traslated into, "kick the ball," and thats exactly what the players do. We were required to incorporate some usage of technology during our lesson to give the students a visual aid on what they were learning. I decided to make a power-point presentation with genereal information, rules and even a full video of the game being played. The students were really facinated by the video because the players were of the Thailand national team and could perform some impressive moves to spike and block the ball.

Before I even got into the lesson I had the class do an instant activity. I put on a song and had them all line up together and perform as a "kick-line."They were all smiling and having fun with it. I picked this instant activity because it was entertaining but more importantly, it was to stretch out their legs for a bit seeing as Sepak Takraw is alot of leg movements. I feel I performed pretty well for this Lab because I was confident and I once again felt comfortable. I used my signal for attention which was my whistle and moved around the gym alot giving feedback to groups and individual students.

One thing that I absolutely need to work on is recognizing where I am within the gymnasium. I tend to have my back to students when I am instructing others. Proffessor Yang caught me sleeping and told two of the students to go hide behind the bleechers. These two students were actually acting up at the begining of the lesson when they were kicking the ball over the net when I had instructed everyone to just pass the ball back and forth. I should have known that they were going to be trouble but i let it slip by. They hid until I had concluded my lesson and then it was brought to my knowledge. I will work on this.
The Hiding Students


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