Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lab D

For Lab D I took the activity of Sport Stacking. I've had some background with this game in the past because when it first came out, my friends and I baught our own sets and practiced all the time.
 I started off the class by having them re-cap on what they learned from the previuos session. I demonstrated and used some visual aides to help the students visualize and have a better understanding of what it was that they were "creating." After re-capping, we jumped right into the 6-6 stack and how to break it down. A few of the students were struggling so I walked around giving some tips and adjusting some techniques but the majority of them took charge and did it beautifully. The 1-10-1 stack came next. I did a quick demonstration of how to execute it and brake it down properly.
             The students really wanted to get to use the time mats so after I demonstrated the last part of the cycle, I let them have some fun on their own.  Nobody came close to beating the world record of 5.93 seconds, but they enjoyed trying. A big curve-ball that was thown my way was having one of the students suddenly become blind. I had to think quick to get this one under control so i came up with a good idea. They were working in partners so since one of them was blind, I declared the other one to have magically lost his hands. So now they had to work together as one to still complete the task at hand. The student with no hands had to conduct the student with no eyes where to move his hands to stack the cups in order.
This was pretty remarkable because they completed the task in a very good time. I enjoyed it so much that I had the entire class come over to watch so that they could all realize that it is not easy having a handicap to accomplish things, but it is not impossible.

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