Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reflection onSt. Mary's Day 5

This day a the elementary school my crew was placed with the youngest group, the pre-K. The second we walked through the door, all of their little eyes lit up with excitment. It was a warming feeling seeing that people that do not even know you can get excited to see your face. I walked right over to a tiny table and sat down in a tiny chair. I might as well have been sitting on the floor, thats how low the seat was. There were three boys at the table with me and they were playing with Lincoln Logs. I never really played with these toys when I was younger so it was something new for me. They were very giving when sat down and began offering me pieces to build my own house. One of the boys had completed a full house with windows and a door and it actually looked real. They are young but very knowledgable and respetful because one boy got up, another reached over to take a piece of his house, and then the third boy said to him " hey thats his house, you shouldn't take it apart without asking." When he said that, my mouth dropped and my heart warmed.

Minutes later we began the craft and it consisted of pine cones and colored paper to make a turkey, flower or whatever the kids wanted. They were suppose to use glue to get the paper to stay on the pinecone, but before instructions were even given, the child sitting next to me picked up a few pieces of paper and crammed them into the pinecone with no glue. He got them to securely stay and said "LOOK!" For the second time that day, my mouth had dropped. I was stunned that these young children had the intelligence to take the initiative and create something with no instructions of how to do it.
My first choice of an age to teach was never for this young of students, but after my first encounter with them, my mind mind change. I absolutely loved being with them because they were just full of joy and energy. If you are having a bad day, I strongly suggest spending some time with them because your attitude with do a full 360 and your bad day with turn great. Another amazing day at St. Mary's.

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