Monday, December 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt!

The last day of class for the semester was a bit of a treat. We got out of the classroom and got to do a scavenger hunt. This was no ordinary hunt though, it was one from the future with its use of technology. Paper, pens and little items were not in play, but what was being used is the thing that all teachers hate, phones. With the use of smart phones, a senior here at Cortland named Ben Paquette developed an "app" for us to use. The app was downloadable and how it worked was scanning, or taking a picture of a barcode linked with a number would give a clue. The clue was a riddle for us to figure out where in Park Center (the main athletic building on campus) to go to achieve the next clue. Along with the clue came a letter and after finding all the clue, we had to race back to the classroom and desipher the code. On the journey to find each clue, there were some "altercations" with other teams. Friendly none the less, but it got pretty intense when two teams came barring down on one clue. The answer to the riddle was "London 2012." Ben chose this because that is where and when the next Olympics is being held. I thought it was rather clever, and enjoyed participating in the activity. This was a great idea and I expected nothing less when I saw that Ben had put it together. Amazing way to end the semester.
The Technology!
The Happy Faces!

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