Monday, December 12, 2011

Pre-Natal Gangsters

For a group project we got together and brainstormed some ideas to make a video which incorporates Chapters 5 and 6 from our textbook. Jay-Z is a wellknow rap artist from our generaation so we took the instumentals from one of his big hits and made our own version. Each of my group members and I came up with a few lines of lyrics and pieced together a rap song. Along with the words, we came up with a theme. We were gangster basketball players and whoevers turn it was to sing in the song, they held the basketball. When they were done they would toss the ball out of the frame. We clipped together the skits so that the next person in line to sing was "catching" the pass from the previous rapper. It looks pretty smooth but the best part is the ending. We stood ontop of a garbage can and performed some top of the line dunks. To add more some more drama, we through some slow motion action. Here is the final product, enjoy.

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