Monday, November 7, 2011

Reflection on St. Mary's Day 4

This day landed on Halowen and was very festive. Almost all the college students dressed up in costumes. I planned on taking part in the tradition until my costume got ripped the day before. I had the outfit of "Mr. Incredible" from the Pixar movie, The Incredible's. I was dissapointed that I could not wear it because I knew that the kids would have loved it. But anyway, the day was very fun because everyone was in a great mood for what the night was about to bring. Candy and tick or treating is what was constantly on the kids minds. I presented a game at the end of the day when we had to whole program participating and it was called, "Trick or Treat." I know, very creative. The game consisted of myself and four other college students walking around with these big cylanders on our shoulders. We were considered the "candy bags" and the kids had to throw all different balls and toys, which were "candy" up in in the top so that they could eat it all later.

I personally could not see the enjoyment on all the kids faces because my head was covered and had things being throw at it, but I could hear the laughter and approval from the children. Everyone once and a while I crouched down low so that a smaller child could dunk it in and I was told that they all had great smiles on when they did this. All I know is that I got hit with alot of candy but if it made the kids happy, I was more than glad to take the pain.

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